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It doesn't matter what guitar you have, if it's not in tune, it won't sound good. The same goes for setup.
A great guitar that is not setup,  just won't play well.


The sad truth is that even some of the best guitar manufacturers don't spend enough time setting up thier instruments. By the time your guitar or bass is recieved by the vendor it has probably experienced temperature changes that will affect it's playability. Unfortunately, the salesmen at guitar stores lack the time and often experience to correct or recognize these issues.


String gauge changes, tuning changes, weather, and curious guitarists (You know who you are, hahaha) can all put a guitar's setup out of whack.


The cheapest guitars will play well and great guitars reach their potential, after a good setup.


Neck relief, action, intonation, pickup height, and tremolo float are all critical to ensuring that your instrument is all that it was designed to be.

Not all strings are created equal. Essentially a guitarist plays the strings. THIS IS THE INSTRUMENT!

D'Addario, Ernie Ball, Martin, Elixir, RotoSound, Cleartone, GHS, DR, and others make some great choices!


I can help you determine what string gauge you need for your tuning, style of music, and playing preference.

I have a lot of experience adjusting instruments. If you think your guitar or bass is not performing to it's abilities, send it on over for a complete setup.

San Diego D'addario Strings
Ernie Ball Strings San Diego
Martin Strings San Diego Acoustic
San Diego D'addario Strings Acoustic
Cleartone Strings San Diego
San Diego D'addario Strings NYXL
Ernie Ball Cobalt Strings San Diego
Elixir Strings San Diego
Elixir Strings San Diego Acoustic
Martin Strings San Diego Acoustic



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