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Stock electronics on many guitars and basses often leave a little something to be desired.


Luckily, there are many options available for players today. Active or Passive, Alnico or Ceramic choices are nearly endless for pickups.


But, the components are only a fraction of the equation. Electronic devices need to be installed.

Due to the delicate materials and multitude of configurations, electronic work is best left to an experienced repairman.


I have used and installed pickups from every manufacturer and have a great knowledge of what is available.

Dimarzio, Seymour Duncan, Bare Knuckle, EMG, and many others.

I have helped to guide my customers to products that would suit them when they are unsure what to get.


I believe the electronics of your instrument are probably the most critical factor to your sound and playing feel (aside from setup, of course).


I have done many complex schematics on my own guitars and customer's as well. I understand coil tapping, series-parallel connection, and can offer creative solutions to wiring dilemmas.


Simple or complex, I know you will be satisfied with my work and competitive pricing.

Feel free to contact me for help with any component decisions.

San Diego Dimarzio Pickups
San Diego Seymour Duncan pickups
San Diego Bare Knuckle Pickups
San Diego EMG pickups


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