Instruments are fragile and do break. It happens to the best of us. Many times, these issues can be repaired.


Through my years playing and teaching, I have fixed many guitar related problems for myself, my students, and fellow musicians.


Here are a few common problems that I am experienced with repairing, but not limited to:


* Loose input jack and connections (Guitar and Amplifier)
Scratchy sounding volume knobs
* Strap buttons that have pulled out
Broken instrument cables
* Broken headstocks and tuners
Weather related changes
* Pickup replacement
Cracked nuts and bridges
* Faulty switches




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I am often asked if I only work on Ibanez guitars. Haha!  I suppose my deep affection for Ibanez saturates the galleries on my site. 

However, I have experience and capability with many brands, not limited to:

Ibanez, Fender, ESP, Carvin, Jackson, Schecter, Gibson, Taylor, Martin, Takamine, Yamaha, Godin, Music Man, Paul Reed Smith, Parker, Daisy Rock, Gretsch, Kramer, Charvel, Washburn, Peavey, Hamer, G&L, Agile, Epiphone, B.C. Rich, Caparison, Dean, and more.