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Custom Finishes

Swirl Finishes:
Truly a unique finish every time. There is an element of unpredictability with these, but they always look cool. It is a complex process. You choose the colors and then the magic happens. 
Custom Graphic Finishes:
Anything you can imagine can be put on the guitar. Design is created in Photoshop and transfered to the guitar. Additional fees may apply for complex designs and headstock or double sided guitar design. 
Solid Color Finishes:
Single color finishes available in a wide variety of colors. Custom colors will also have extra materials charges.
Body Modifications:
Neck Heel Sculpting: To cut corners on manufacturing, many companies leave their neck heel as a square or bulky block. They are simply uncomfrotable and hinder access to upper frets. Material is removed from the body and smoothed for incredible upper fret access. Playing experience is now similar to that of a neck thru guitar. Guitar refinishing is necessary for this procedure.
Pickup Cavity/Control Deletion or Addition: Many players desire uncommon pickup or control placement. Existing cavities can be filled in and new cavities can be routed if desired. Deletetion requires refinish.


How Do I Get a Sethmetal Custom?


Easiest option is to pickup something already made. Check out the FOR SALE section.


Typically, customers send me their guitar to finish. Some have purchased new guitars and shipped directly to me to be refinished. I can also help you to locate affordable used guitars that are in good shape for refinishing and help you save some $$$


A deposit of 50% Labor and 100% of Parts is due up front, the remainder and return shipping are to be paid at the completition.


Turn around time varies, but is typically 4-6 months.





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